Portland City Art, Shows Ect.

29 08 2009

What a crazy amazing couple of months.  Have had many shows including:  live paint with PCA at the Art Institute of Portland, The Red and Black show at Gallery Zero, AC/VC at Audiocinema, and another live paint at The Nest.  All tolled, it’s been crazy.  Of all of the things that I have been a part of lately though, the Manor of Art, out at Milepost 5’s artist community was the most insane.  Over 100 of Portland’s artists took over a closed retirement home.  My room was the “Ghosts of Granny’s past room”.

My son and I did a huge wrap around mural on all of the walls, and called it “The Forever Hill”.  It turned out amazing!  Here are some photos!


More soon, I swear, I’m going to get better at this blogging thing.