Barred for Life Photos

29 10 2009
Signing my life awayblackflagshoot2

My scarred old yucky set of Black Flag bars..


Barred For Life!

29 10 2009

Yesterday, I got on my lovely lovely bike and stomped my ass down to Discouraged Records, to meet up with these guys. It was fun, and the photos are beautiful! I will post the as I get them. Love to the Flag!

Barred for Life

Vinyl Killers!!!

27 10 2009

Vinyl Killers 7!

Its that time of year again ladies and gentlemen!  Come on down to The Goodfoot on Thursday for this bad boy!

Vinyl Killers 7 opens on October 29th in Portland, Oregon at The Goodfoot. The Goodfoot is located at 2845 SE Stark St. and is open daily from 5 PM to 2:30 AM.

There will also be vinyl only selections from dj’s monkeytek, ryan organ and samizdat during the opening

Aaron Brick
Adam Brock Ciresi
Adrienne Vita
AJ Ayala
Amalie Whorton
Anna Todaro
Ashley Costa
Beth Myrick
Candace J. Barr
Casey Rae Wickum
Charles Gass
Chris Brett
Chr is Haberman
Daniel Edlen
Dave Combs
Dave Ryan
Derek Scott
Erin Nations
Gene Hannan
Heidi Elise Wirz
Hunter Armstrong
Jacquelyn Bond
Jake Tong
Jason Brown
Jason Wells
Jer emy berkley
Joel Barber
John Maveval
Johnny Tragedy
Keith Rosson
Kristine Schultz
Larry Christensen
Lars Petticord
Manav Kohli
Marc Swart
Mario Robert
Mathew Curran
Matt Schlosky
Melissa Anders
Mr Say
Mr. Klevra
Nate Luna
Nate Micek
New Colony
Nic Vik
Richard Jule
Ronni J
Roscoe Hall II
Simon Milligan
Sterling Mason
Steve Dorobiala
Super Ugly
Tara Gelien
Tom Keating
Tony Perez
Trevor Ward
Vo McBurney

The often imitated, never duplicated, OG vinyl art show, Vinyl Killers returns this October for another round of rescuing long forgotten records from the world’s landfills. This year there have been at least 6 other vinyl shows in North America alone and interest in the artform is at an all time high. After six annual shows and several touring exhibits Vinyl Killers remains committed to staying open call, independent, D-I-Y, and free of corporate sponsorship.

Since it’s inception in 2003 Vinyl Killers has showcased well over 1000 records painted by artists from around the world. A quick glance at the VK website shows both the genres global influence and the absolutely amazing things that are being done with paint and old records. Media recognition for this innovative show includes The Art Of Rebellion 2 and Stencil Nation, and features in numerous international street art magazines and blogs. In 2005 Klutch, the founder and curator of VK, had the room that he decorated with painted records for San Francisco’s Hotel Des Arts featured in Time magazine.

You can view and purchase art from the entire show after Sun, Nov 1st

Well, its my Saturday!!!

27 10 2009

All weekend friends come into the bar that I work at and high five me, and it’s good to see them all having such a good time.  That being said, today is Monday, which is sort of my Saturday.  But, its everyone else’s I can’t especially take it easy because, I’m self concious about laziness.  At any rate, today has been productive, but productive at my own pace.  Anyhow, if any of you are anywhere that Gardening not Archetecture is playing, go see them, and hit the merch table.   You’ll be glad you did, if you ride your bike this much.

xo Heidi


p.s what’s that, not sure if GnA are coming to an area close to you? well, then go here.



Horray for once broken now fixed things!

26 10 2009

So, my camera and computer have both been out of commission for awhile.  Now they are both fixed, and as such, the dynamic duo of camer and computer are finally back together.  It’s so sweet a reunion, I feel like I should dim the lights, and leave them alone for awhile.  Here are a few things that I have been working on latley, and am pretty stoked about.  Everything is available for sale, so don’t forget to tell your friends…(and your mom.). 🙂


Hungry Eyeball rules!!!

23 10 2009

Amazing Portland art site! Love it yo!!

Help if you can!

22 10 2009

This is a repost of a repost, but please donate if you can! Cyclists are a part of traffic. End of story. There are a ton of us, please keep your eyes out, if you drive a car. Being hit is one of the scariest things out there, please be aware of cyclists, and share the road.

It’s definitely been a trying few days. On the night of Saturday October 17th, while riding his bike home, a car hit Ian Mcdougall, guitarist of our band Riverboat Gamblers. He sustained some pretty heavy injuries including a broken hip, a broken wrist and hemorrhaging under the skull along with many lacerations, torn ligaments, bruises and and scrapes.

He was rushed by ambulance to Brackenridge hospital in Austin and stayed in the ICU for 2 days before being moved into his own room where he is undergoing physical therapy while awaiting the results on X-rays and MRIs as well as a deluge of other various tests.

That being said, the prognosis is better than we had first thought. We are happy that he is going to be ok and that he is alive and with us. Unfortunately, not only is he in for a long recovery and is in a lot of pain, but he will be celebrating his birthday in bed with hospital food.

On another unfortunate note, there are a pile of bills currently gaining a Mt. Everest-like summit from all his hospital expenses. We set up a PayPal account for our band mate and friend to try and help him get on top of the debt and focus on his recovery. His PayPal account email is Anything you can afford to give will be greatly appreciated by Ian and his family. Thank you all for your support and we wish Ian the speediest of recoveries.