The long and short of it..

15 10 2009

My computer is broken.  Ashamed to say, that I have been using my 11 year old’s laptop for the last few weeks, on the hope mine will be fixed soon.  I have about 30 pieces to put photos of up, and cannot, as my camera is on the bleah!  I love all of the advancements and all that we have these days, but it makes it really difficult to maintain all your things, when a few essentials go on the fritz.  As such..lets all take an art break..and fill it in with some word feelings…oh yeah..super deep down ones. hahah..

When the chain jumped off,

I was ready.

Just started running.

Running like the end of all days was bearing down.

Ran right off that bike…

Feet hitting handlebars on the way down.

Not caring where I was to land…

Just kept running.

Till wings tore themselves out of tired shoulderblades,

and human hands could not touch even the hem of my skirt.

Taking flight into the darkening evening skyline..

over my house, and our old drinking spot.




2 responses

17 10 2009

Awesome blog!

I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

17 10 2009

hee hee! thanks for the compliment! take it easy lady!

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