Busy week! Murals! Ink Illustrations!

13 11 2009

Wow!  What a busy week this has turned into!  Outside of working and moming, I started and finished a mural.  There is a new gallery in the Kenton neighborhood of North Portland, it’s called Black Door Gallery.  Mellissa Green the curator/manager is  a really sweetie that really knows how to make a PB&J.  On Wednesday I rode up there with my mural supplies snug in my messenger bag, got lost and wound up on the Columbia Slough Trail, which is really lost.  When the bike route signs have one arrow going to Vancouver and it’s four miles away, and Downtown Portland is twenty, you have gone to far.  Completly forgetting I had my bike map in my bag, I figured out where I was and got there double time.  I painted a city getting plugged in by one power line, and an electric storm.  It was a fun day, listened to some Al Green and got down.  This is the result, start to finish.


Love Love Love


Yesterday, I had to finish a project that has been a bit difficult for me.  I have a piece in a show curated by Throwing Knives Art Collective in Denver for December, along with a few other out of state shows, that the work is already finished for. But, the Denver piece has been challenging as it is on paper!  Not on wood, not 15×20 feet big.  But on paper, with ink, and barely any text.  Ink illustrations are on of my favorite things, but usually they are B&W so it’s not as big of a deal, or if colored they are on wood, and wood is much more forgiving than paper.  But, I am really happy with my end result.


Drink Me FullHorray for new things!  xo Heidi




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