Big 100, p:ear benifit, big bad busy weekend!

10 12 2009

Friday December 11th will be the 2nd annual Big 100 Show.  It’s like this 100 artists did 20 pieces for this monster.  The line up of artists is enough to make any collector’s wallet open and eyes water! Every piece in the show is going for $30!  $30, and $10 of it goes to the Oregon Food Bank!   Come by if you are ready for a bad ass time.  It will be at the Olympic Mills Commerce Building here in lovely SE Portland.  For more details and the full line up, check :

On Saturday and Sunday I will be downtown at the p:ear Gallery for their annual Art Sale/Swap and benifit.  15 % of artist’s sales go directly to p:ear.  They do amazing work mentoring creative homeless youth.  The have a very special place in my heart so come by and support.

Crafty Wonderland is also holding their monster amazing sale this weekend.  A bunch of my favorite people will be down there selling thier hand mades.  Hungry Eyeball will be down there selling a bunch of fantastic art from local artists, and will have some of my work as well as: Jason Graham, APAK, Bwanna Spoons, Justin “Scrappers” Morrison, and a ton of other awesome folks.  Hit them up.

So yeah, if you are in Portland, and by the end of the weekend don’t have your holiday shopping done, you’ve missed.  xooxox Heidi




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15 12 2009

I missed the Big 100 Art show, and I want one of the pieces in the picture! The middle of the bottom row, gold and red with the girl’s face? Any idea who that artist was? I’m slowly working my way through the websites of all the artists who attended, but only half of them have links… 😦

15 12 2009

Such a great show! I am pretty sure that photo was of last year’s show. I would contact PCA and see if they can match you up!
So many great artists, the ones without links are worth a google 🙂 Heidi

31 03 2010

It turned out to be from a guy named Kevin Darras!

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