Nice things.

15 12 2009

As of this last weekend things are busy but not quite as busy.  The Big 100 went amazing, I wasn’t able to go to the opening, but have heard that it was ridiculous, something like 1100 pieces of art sold that night.  Which is, well obscene!  Congrats and thank you to Chris and John for having me.  Happy Chanukah boys! Although it was a bummer to miss the Big 100, Jay Ryan’s show at  The Goodfoot was fantastic!  The artists were a bit late due to weather, but the poster art film coupled with the poster art show, and just general badassery of the event, was awesome.

The p:ear benefit was a lot of fun.  I got to hang out with some of my favorite artists, to try to raise money for my favorite Portland do gooders.  If you are unfamiliar with p:ear, they are center dedicated to mentoring creative homeless youth.  Beautiful space, beautiful gallery, great music, lovely art work.  Like:




Learn more about p:ear :

Had fun turning the living room into a little gallery for Miss Karen on Friday, she is a delight and her shop Salty Teacup in St. John’s is fabulous!

xo heidi




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