Bird girls and Unicorn kisses

28 01 2010

This is an an update on art happenings for the month of February. I am very excited first of all to be sending more work down to the gorgeous and lovely ladies of Luxe Devile Salon in Denver.  They are such fabulous people that I cannot wait to visit in the spring/summer.  Another year of the ever amazing Portland Love Show is coming up, and thanks to PCA and the ever rad Mr. Ben Pink for making it happen.  I also have a solo show at the East Bank Gallery which is inside the East Bank Commerce Center here in PDX.  More details on all the goings on in the next week or so.  In the mean time, here are some new guys.




Of Aliens and Insecurities

27 01 2010

Humankind has been around for a really long time without: sharp fangs, poison, decent camouflage, thick fur and skin, scales, or flight. Now we all each individually send out transmissions that will linger in space until they form a huge thick cloud of nonsensical thought.  A hurricane force of drifting insecurity, war and joy. Ambling out into other solar systems, waiting to give away our location.

Perhaps, a translucent cephalopod finds us out there around the Horse Head Nebula. After just awakening from her/his nine hundred year dormancy cycle, and passing a medical inspection flawlessly. What would happen when our massive cloud of transmissions of war, famine, earthquakes, corrupt leaders, a suffocating planet with such pain and yet such joy? Would this flawless creäture come in for a closer look, or high tale it out of there, and declare the area a quarantine zone.

I like to think about things like this, because it reminds me that the picture is so big, I could never stand back far enough to see it all.  It makes me feel small and forces reflection on personal growth.  Inspires me to stop worring about the things that are out of my control, and just wait for the mothership to come back.


I forgot about this kid…

26 01 2010

Things I am loving right now.
Novi Split

David Bazan

And, Mr. Krist Krueger of Southerly.

Zak Sabbath is my moment of zen.

22 01 2010

Hello all!

Tonight is the big live paint group show deal at Tiger Bar.  We hung 90% of the show last night, and it looks awesome!  I am so excited for tonight, but pretty stressed and oddly a little nervous.  Never really get nervous before shows, but the last few have been oddly anxiety inducing.  So in this big rush of stuff, I am doing my computer things.  Mr. Zak Sabbath posted a video of himself reading from his new book, We Did Porn.  Tin House Publishing, based right here in lovely Portland, OR put the book out at the end of last year.  My girl Debbie works there, and has been just in love with it.  Beeky got a copy of it a few months ago, and she said I could read it, as long as I didn't stain it.  Ha!

It’s one of the best books that I have read in a really long time.  Zak is one of my favorite visual artists, and he is just every bit as good of a writer as he is an artist.  (His adult films are really top-notch as well.)  At any rate, it’s a stressful, yet wonderful day, so, if you are in PDX come out to Tiger Bar tonight.  In the mean time, here is your moment of Zen.

xo Heidi

Thanks Hungry Eyeball! xo

14 01 2010

WET PAINT: Live Art Group Show at Tiger Bar in Portland.

So excited for how awesome this is going to be.  Have had such an overwhelmingly positive and supporting response from everyone so far!  Some really fabulous artists have been asking already about the next one, and that makes me so happy!  Hope to see you out for this.  Don’t forget about the Works V show tomorrow at the Old Church!  Also, a good friend (and amazing artist) who goes by Crack La Roc is having a solo show tomorrow at a new gallery up on Alberta.  It is called Screaming Sky Gallery, and he also did paintings on all their shelves and walls!

Happy Day!

Tiger Bar, Wet Paint

12 01 2010



Portland, OR-January 22, 2010-Tiger Bar
Wet Paint v.1-Live Art-Group Show
January 22nd-Feb 25th
Opening/Live Art Event January 22nd

Tiger Bar, in conjunction with curator Rai Villanueva and co-curator Heidi Elise Wirz-present the first in what promises to be an exciting quarterly event.  The event is January 22, 2010 from 9pm until 2:30 am, there will be a three dollar cover.  This event is 21+.

The Wet Paint series is a showcase for local emerging and established artists.  It hopes to give insight into artists and art that is changing the way that Portlanders look at the city around them.  Through live painting, viewers will be able to examine the process of several of the artists, including co-curators- Rai Villanueva and Heidi Elise Wirz.

Featured artists include:  Ashley Costa, Beth Myrick, Chris Haberman, Heidi Elise Wirz, Hunter Armstrong, John Graeter, Johnny Tragedy,  Matt Schlosky, Rai Villanueva, Roscoe Hall II and more.

DJs include: DJ L Train, Krist Krueger Killing Hipsters, Slim Moon, and more.

Tiger Bar is located at: 317 Northwest Broadway, Portland, OR and is open nightly for viewing, until February 25th.

Come on out and see us, we will be killing it! xoxo Heidi

Yup…like the beach in January.

8 01 2010

I’m pretty sure that it was my girl Kirsten who said that yesterday in reference to January’s First Thursday Art Walk. And she was pretty accurate. But on went the scarves and glove and coats of the bravest of Portland’s art fans, and about the galleries the marched. I was pretty nervous about going down to First Thursday, but went anyhow. Boy was I ever impressed when I got to Tribute.
The whole block was dead, but their was a crowd outside Tribute Gallery. Trying to walk through the gallery was nearly impossible, and I only lasted about 20 min inside, before feeling a panic attack rise in my throat. It was so great to see Elizabeth’s curatorial debut go so well..and as always it’s nice to see a full house!

My girl Rose and I scooted over to 7th Planet to see their sculpture show, and Mr. Joel Barber’s new mural, which is breathtaking. Then we went back over to Everett to check out Anka Gallery’s Beer Show. It was great fun and the art was spectacular. Dropped in next door to see Kirsten, Brent and Anna in their new space. Such a great work environment! All and all it was chilly, but a great way to kick off 2010~!

Go Art, Go PDX!