Play For Keeps

3 01 2010

Oh boy!  Happy 2k10 everyone.  I hope that your New Years was only mildly hangover inducing, yet festive.  Now that all the holidays are officially over, it is time to leap headlong again into this adventure called life.  I’ve spent the better part of my morning ironing out all the the confirmed shows I have coming up, and wow!  I’m not sure how I am going to pull this all off, but I am going to!  It’s so exciting to have opportunities like the ones that have been heading my way lately.  Not in an effort to jinx anything, but I feel like some of this hard work is beginning to pay off.  So far, I have shows on both coasts, and in three countries outside the US this year.  But, enough about the soon to be future, let’ talk about now.

This week marks the first First Thursday/Friday of the new year/decade!  I will have piece in Tribute Gallery’s Play for Keeps paper art show.  The show this month is being guest curated by two very lovely young movers and shakers in our art community Miss Elizabeth Lamb and Miss Chloe Gallager!  You can find Tribute at  They can be followed on Twitter here .   I did an ink illustration for it called Hide and Seek.  It’s influenced by an old bluegrass song recorded and made popular in the 40s by Mr. Bill Monroe.  The song is about a little girl that freezes to death in the snow.  Cheerful, not so much, but I think it turned out cool.






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