Yup…like the beach in January.

8 01 2010

I’m pretty sure that it was my girl Kirsten who said that yesterday in reference to January’s First Thursday Art Walk. And she was pretty accurate. But on went the scarves and glove and coats of the bravest of Portland’s art fans, and about the galleries the marched. I was pretty nervous about going down to First Thursday, but went anyhow. Boy was I ever impressed when I got to Tribute.
The whole block was dead, but their was a crowd outside Tribute Gallery. Trying to walk through the gallery was nearly impossible, and I only lasted about 20 min inside, before feeling a panic attack rise in my throat. It was so great to see Elizabeth’s curatorial debut go so well..and as always it’s nice to see a full house!

My girl Rose and I scooted over to 7th Planet to see their sculpture show, and Mr. Joel Barber’s new mural, which is breathtaking. Then we went back over to Everett to check out Anka Gallery’s Beer Show. It was great fun and the art was spectacular. Dropped in next door to see Kirsten, Brent and Anna in their new space. Such a great work environment! All and all it was chilly, but a great way to kick off 2010~!

Go Art, Go PDX!




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