Of Aliens and Insecurities

27 01 2010

Humankind has been around for a really long time without: sharp fangs, poison, decent camouflage, thick fur and skin, scales, or flight. Now we all each individually send out transmissions that will linger in space until they form a huge thick cloud of nonsensical thought.  A hurricane force of drifting insecurity, war and joy. Ambling out into other solar systems, waiting to give away our location.

Perhaps, a translucent cephalopod finds us out there around the Horse Head Nebula. After just awakening from her/his nine hundred year dormancy cycle, and passing a medical inspection flawlessly. What would happen when our massive cloud of transmissions of war, famine, earthquakes, corrupt leaders, a suffocating planet with such pain and yet such joy? Would this flawless creäture come in for a closer look, or high tale it out of there, and declare the area a quarantine zone.

I like to think about things like this, because it reminds me that the picture is so big, I could never stand back far enough to see it all.  It makes me feel small and forces reflection on personal growth.  Inspires me to stop worring about the things that are out of my control, and just wait for the mothership to come back.





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