Time for us to catch up..

20 02 2010

By us, I am not exactly sure who that is, but someone is reading this blog, and thank you for that!  It’s still interesting to me that people come by and read about what’s going on with each other, but it’s like a friend coming by your house when you aren’t home.  Technology sort of blows my mind sometimes.

At any rate, things have been good an productive.  Got a new studio down on Burnside, in a area that I love.  Super close to the post office, down town, and a bunch of my favorite galleries/places to eat in PDX!  Moving the first of all my junk into it today!  Photos coming soon.

This upcoming Friday (Feb. 26th)  is the closing reception for my solo show that has been up for the month of February, at the East Bank Commerce Center, down on Water Ave in good ol’ PDX!  There will be snacks and beverages, and art!  Come on inside my soft, gooey, emotionally detached world. 🙂




6 responses

20 02 2010
Michael Fields

Beer and Pinball lady…. beer and pinball!!!

20 02 2010

pinball and gingerale 🙂 quit again..but hell yeah to the flipper action!!

21 02 2010
Michael Fields

When and where??? Me likes Clinton Street Pub and CBar for pinball as well as Oasis for crazy Star Wars that shoots the ball across the machine.

22 02 2010

hmmm…thursday? i have to work monday and tuesday, and have that show thing on friday…lets do thursday. you get to pick the spot though! 🙂

23 02 2010
Michael Fields

Sounds like a plan! Thursday at Clinton Street Pub? They have Scared Stiff which has snakes and skulls and spiders and eyeballs!!!

23 02 2010

I’m there…round 9 sound good?

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