new work, new processes, old jams

30 03 2010

Been held up in the studio for the last week working on new illustrations and a screen project. I’m very excited about the new work, the concept and all that is going into it. Almost forgot how wonderful having a studio is and, even though mine is a dungeon, it’s amazing. Besides, lots of cool things happen in dungeons!

I scored some new prints from former Portland now NYC artist Ryan Jacob Smith. They are fabulous, well, all of his work is. check him out, he’s a bad ass!

Been listening to a ton of old hard core and metal lately, as summer is approaching, and that is my time to shred. Not sure really who, if anyone reads this, but, this is for you:


new mural, and the sun is out!

19 03 2010

Hurray for spring!  Wow, it has been so beautiful in Portland the last few days!  I am in so in love with all the bright colors, flowers, and smiles on people’s faces.  Girls are in cute skirts, and I have spotted a couple of dudes in cut offs..oh boy!  Summer is coming soon, and as schedules busy themselves up, taking a moment to look at the wonderful surroundings, is so important.  Painted a mural at The Goodfoot this week.  I am pretty stoked on how it turned out.  The room is amazing and covered with murals from some of my very favorite artists.  It really is an honor to be around such awesome company.  Thank you Jason for letting me rock out!  Here are some photos, time to enjoy the rest of this sunny day, and relax.



Tentative Spring Show Schedule!

15 03 2010

Hello to you all! Been working on a ton of new stuff, commissions, murals, and a ton of pieces for upcoming shows like these! See you around!

March 2k10
Last Thursday-The Nest-NE Alberta-Portland, OR
Ongoing-Mural Installation @ The Goodfoot Lounge-Portland, OR

PDX Art Spark/Portland City Art’s 1 Year Anniversary!- April 15-Olympic Mills Gallery
Last Thursday- Solo Show-Radio Room- Portland, OR
Live Paint @ Rotture w/ Beth Myric and Matt Schlosky..members of Pharcyde and Living Legends!!! TBA

First Thursday-Two Person Show- Core Gallery- Everett Station-Portland, OR
First Thursday-Solo Show-7th Planet Gallery-NW 4th and Couch-Portland, OR
First Thursday-Mural Installation-Ephemeral Gallery-NW 4th and Couch-PDX,OR
May 15- Revenge Show-Pink Ghost Gallery-Ft. Lauderdale , FL

That’s it so far…xooxoxo

De Nada PDX

10 03 2010

Hi there!

I hope that everyone is doing fantastinc!  Oh boy! Spring is on it’s way to beautiful Portland, OR!  I am waiting as patiently as possible for the actual season to start, but the days are getting longer and the sun is doing it’s thing!  So many exciting things are happening that I am not sure where to begin, so let’s just begin with I’m Starting A Gallery With Four of My Favorite People!!!

Since I left Area 5 way back in 2004, I have been wanting to have a gallery again.  It’s so great working with other artists, and rad amazing people.  Everytime a painting sells, I feel like Peggy Guggenheim. 🙂 There are so many wonderful talented artists in Portland, it’s awesome that they are going to have a new venue!  I’m going to be working with: Ashley Costa, Matt Schlosky, Kerosene Rose and Luna Littleleaf !

So excited, photos and weblink coming soon!