Computer woes and crossed eyes

22 06 2010

Since this temporary electronic imprint of what I love to do has been updated: my computer finally gave up the ghost, have been using other people’s computers which makes me feel like a jerk, have had some amazing art shows, pooped out the best artwork I have ever pooped, got a haircut, and my son is now a 7th grader. Things have been crazy but amazing, and it seems as though winter may *no jinx* be coming to an end. These are the shows I have for July, and would love to see you out and about.

best as always,
xo heidi

end of June/July show schedule:

June 25- PDX POP NOW! fundraiser at Grand Central Bowl. Sponsered by WWeek.

July 1st-
Compound Gallery- Pedal Power-Bike Art Show
Tender Loving Empire- Mad Hatter Group Show

July 2-
88 Strong Show at Po’Boy Art