5 10 2011

Just a week ago, it was almost 100 degrees in my studio. It was 65 all day today, the rain has returned, and the leaves are busy filling up the gutters. Fall has decended on Portland, with an immediate and swift force. The smell of BBQ, has been replaced by soup and quick breads. Time for tons of Star Trek, time in blankets, and the five pounds that come with those things. 🙂 It is also time for a living ton of art shows, and these are real winners.

This year has been truly incredible. I’ve found myself busier and more focused than ever, with shows across the US and also in Japan. The quality of work is beginning to resemble what years of labor, practice, and sheer stubbornness, have been working toward. Something, that I can honestly say that I am proud of. (Not completely satisfied of course, but proud of nonetheless) At any rate, enough gloating and more news. The following is my show schedule for the remainder of 2011, so far.

First Friday: Nirvana Cafe-Portland, OR (group show)

Second Saturday: No Bones For Halftones 2 (live printing/total art party!)

Last Thursday: Screaming Sky Gallery Sugar and Spice Show (awesome all lady show, so so excited!)

I am, therfore I think: (The group show to destroy all other group shows)

First Thurdsay: Upper Playground(more info to come on this one, but there are no words for how excited I am!!)
Second Friday: Samo Gallery..(more info, great new Portland gallery, group show with some intensely talented people!)

More will be added over the next month or so, Fall has a way of doing that..enjoy the in progress and final shots of, “Spice is Life”. I also attached a photo of the vinyl that Mr. Jonathon Hill Jaquard cut for me, he is a fabulous artist, a great organizer, and I am super excited to be working with him, NBHT!