8 11 2012

This blog has been neglected for awhile now.  Lots has been going on..more to come. Let’s shred.xo

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Sugar Maiden

26 09 2011

Work in progress series for the piece I did this week. Its called Sugar Maiden. She is part of a dipticht that I will be finishing this week..taking photos along the way. These two paintings are for a show at Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland, OR. For the Last Thursday show of October, entitled, Sugar and Spice. Since I am a nerd..my spice painting is going to be a Dune piece. 🙂
xo Heidi


23 09 2011

Hello all,
It seems as though all of my posts have been about, how long it has been since I posted. This is not very different. It seems insane to me that 2011 is almost over..but the days are short again. Here are some things that I have been doing, and there will be another update super soon. xoxo heidi

Its been a long time.

11 03 2011







  Wow. I haven’t posted a blog entry in so long, I am worried that the three people who read this, may have had time to bear several children.  And as the first tease of spring throws a boob flash of sun and flowers Portland’s way; the time for report is neigh.  Winter has been, as it usually is in our fair grey city, a time to hermit and work on new projects. Here are a few of them.
Your pal,

Commission finished!

17 09 2010

For Miss Laura Walch. Love you girl..thanks for the project!

Thursday Thursday Thursday!!

24 08 2010

Opening at The Goodfoot w/ Klutch

It is a true honor to be showing with one of my most favorite artists. Klutch has the tightest line work, I have ever seen, and turns out intensely original pieces. He has been a huge inspiration for me in both art work and character. Come by and hang out!
Thursday August 27th..4pm-bar close! 28th and Stark SE Portland!

Show Preview

21 08 2010

Here is a quick preview of what you can be seeing currently flying out of my weird broken brain.