8 11 2012

This blog has been neglected for awhile now.  Lots has been going on..more to come. Let’s shred.xo

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23 09 2011

Hello all,
It seems as though all of my posts have been about, how long it has been since I posted. This is not very different. It seems insane to me that 2011 is almost over..but the days are short again. Here are some things that I have been doing, and there will be another update super soon. xoxo heidi

Its been a long time.

11 03 2011







  Wow. I haven’t posted a blog entry in so long, I am worried that the three people who read this, may have had time to bear several children.  And as the first tease of spring throws a boob flash of sun and flowers Portland’s way; the time for report is neigh.  Winter has been, as it usually is in our fair grey city, a time to hermit and work on new projects. Here are a few of them.
Your pal,

Commission finished!

17 09 2010

For Miss Laura Walch. Love you girl..thanks for the project!

As of late…

8 07 2010

Summer finally decided to show up in pdx! Things are getting summer crazy and First Thursday/Friday/4th of July all seemed like one long blur. All the shows were so fantastic, I am not sure what to do with myself, accept for ride my bike, keep working on the show for August with Klutch, and try to sneak off to the river as much as possible.

Here are some photos from First Thursday and Friday!

xo Heidi

Compound Gallery:

Tender Loving Empire:

Play For Keeps

3 01 2010

Oh boy!  Happy 2k10 everyone.  I hope that your New Years was only mildly hangover inducing, yet festive.  Now that all the holidays are officially over, it is time to leap headlong again into this adventure called life.  I’ve spent the better part of my morning ironing out all the the confirmed shows I have coming up, and wow!  I’m not sure how I am going to pull this all off, but I am going to!  It’s so exciting to have opportunities like the ones that have been heading my way lately.  Not in an effort to jinx anything, but I feel like some of this hard work is beginning to pay off.  So far, I have shows on both coasts, and in three countries outside the US this year.  But, enough about the soon to be future, let’ talk about now.

This week marks the first First Thursday/Friday of the new year/decade!  I will have piece in Tribute Gallery’s Play for Keeps paper art show.  The show this month is being guest curated by two very lovely young movers and shakers in our art community Miss Elizabeth Lamb and Miss Chloe Gallager!  You can find Tribute at http://www.tributegallery.com.  They can be followed on Twitter here http://twitter.com/TributeGallery .   I did an ink illustration for it called Hide and Seek.  It’s influenced by an old bluegrass song recorded and made popular in the 40s by Mr. Bill Monroe.  The song is about a little girl that freezes to death in the snow.  Cheerful, not so much, but I think it turned out cool.



Newbies and Sneak Peeks!

24 11 2009

Wow! Have been feeling really productive lately with all of the wonderful excitement that has been happening!  First off the schedual for the month of December is as follows!:

First Thursday Portland:

Dec. 3rd-12 Days of P:ear Benifit Show

Dec. 3rd- Anka Gallery (group show)

December 4th- Alice in Winter Wonderland Show, Luxe DeVil Denver, CO

December 5th-  SprayGraphic Vinyl Show Phoenix, AZ

On December 5th I will be participating in Salty Teacup’s Holiday Show in St. John’s.  Come by and see us from 1pm-5pm for super cheap frames and little paintings.

December 11th is THE BIG 100 SHOW at Olympic Mills!  One night only! 100 of Portland’s finest, all pieces are $30 and must be taken home that night.  Great stuff!

Dec. 12-13 I will be at the 12 days of P:ear Holiday sale with a ton of little guys.


I hope to see some of you out and about, and for all of you in Denver and Phoenix, I hope you like the pieces!  Finally, h

ere are some sneak previews of what is going into these shows. xo Heidi