23 09 2011

Hello all,
It seems as though all of my posts have been about, how long it has been since I posted. This is not very different. It seems insane to me that 2011 is almost over..but the days are short again. Here are some things that I have been doing, and there will be another update super soon. xoxo heidi


Some new work.

2 11 2009

Here are some photos of work, that I have recently finished.  The last one, is a sort of fan art tribute deal, to one of my all time favorite bands, Why?

The first track on their new album “Eskimo Snow” has this line in it, and it really motivated me to make a piece centered around it.  If you have not checked out

Eskimo Snow yet, I highly recomend it.  Fuckin fantastic record from start to finish. Any how, I hope you all enjoy the photos, and thank you to everyone who has been visiting

this blog latley, it means a lot to me.

xo Heidi