8 11 2012

This blog has been neglected for awhile now.  Lots has been going on..more to come. Let’s shred.xo

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Sugar Maiden

26 09 2011

Work in progress series for the piece I did this week. Its called Sugar Maiden. She is part of a dipticht that I will be finishing this week..taking photos along the way. These two paintings are for a show at Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland, OR. For the Last Thursday show of October, entitled, Sugar and Spice. Since I am a nerd..my spice painting is going to be a Dune piece. 🙂
xo Heidi


23 09 2011

Hello all,
It seems as though all of my posts have been about, how long it has been since I posted. This is not very different. It seems insane to me that 2011 is almost over..but the days are short again. Here are some things that I have been doing, and there will be another update super soon. xoxo heidi

Its been a long time.

11 03 2011







  Wow. I haven’t posted a blog entry in so long, I am worried that the three people who read this, may have had time to bear several children.  And as the first tease of spring throws a boob flash of sun and flowers Portland’s way; the time for report is neigh.  Winter has been, as it usually is in our fair grey city, a time to hermit and work on new projects. Here are a few of them.
Your pal,

Thursday Thursday Thursday!!

24 08 2010

Opening at The Goodfoot w/ Klutch

It is a true honor to be showing with one of my most favorite artists. Klutch has the tightest line work, I have ever seen, and turns out intensely original pieces. He has been a huge inspiration for me in both art work and character. Come by and hang out!
Thursday August 27th..4pm-bar close! 28th and Stark SE Portland!

As of late…

8 07 2010

Summer finally decided to show up in pdx! Things are getting summer crazy and First Thursday/Friday/4th of July all seemed like one long blur. All the shows were so fantastic, I am not sure what to do with myself, accept for ride my bike, keep working on the show for August with Klutch, and try to sneak off to the river as much as possible.

Here are some photos from First Thursday and Friday!

xo Heidi

Compound Gallery:

Tender Loving Empire:

Of cupcakes and meandering stocking feet.

21 04 2010

Oh well then now! What an interesting week it has been. Preparing shows, making new friends, and the arrival of real spring in PDX has me swishing my feet and skipping now and then walking down to the studio. I just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I have a print available for purchase on Society 6’s website. It’s a newer ink illustration and it can be checked out/ purchased here for the rock bottom price of $36.50