we took a chance…..and now look at us

15 10 2009

we are covered with tired eyes, and drowning out all the last bits of night.

they told us,

clear out by morning or there will be hell to pay.

well it’s morning and i am not paying for shit…

threw bikes into a pile down to that part where the pacific starts,

and manifest destiny ended with the last sigh of heart.

in those days we were fearless.

and by we i could mean any of you.

but if you know, then you were there..

and it was a fury of youth and alcohol and chorus.

the promise of new day was a fresh as the strawberry chapstick lips.

i will bear your weight across my shoulders, if you are to tired to walk.

kiss your cheeks and help you find your feet.

we held eachother up..

now we are vanished.

clinging and hiding out there someplace warm in the fog.




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