Pins and Needles

27 02 2010

Oooh boy!  What an exciting day so far!!  Tonight is the closing for my solo show at the East Bank Commerce Center here in lovely SE Portland!  Although, a lot of  people will be going down to the I Heart Art Etsy meet and greet, I am hoping to catch some people before/after they head out for that.  Got a bunch of snacks, beer, wine and sodes from Trader Joe’s on the cheap today…thank my lucky stars for them!  A little nervous about tonight but really more excited than anything else!

This year honestly keeps on amazing me!  I received an invitation this morning to show with Pink Ghost in Florida this morning!  I have been wanting to show with them for quite some time now, so a tentative schedule for the spring is as follows:


SE Portland Art Walk- Group Show with my besties!

Last Thursday- The Nest NE Alberta Portland OR (Solo Show)


Last Thursday-Radio Room NE Alberta Portland OR (Solo Show)


First Thursday- Core Gallery Everett Station Lofts (Solo Show)

Revenge Show- Pink Ghost Florida (Group Show)

First Thursday-Seven Planet-NW 4th and Couch Portland Solo Show

First Thursday-Mural Unveiling- NW 4th and Couch


First Thursday-Bike Art Show-Compound Gallery-Portland OR (group show)

Hope to see some of you out this evening!

xo Heidi


Time for us to catch up..

20 02 2010

By us, I am not exactly sure who that is, but someone is reading this blog, and thank you for that!  It’s still interesting to me that people come by and read about what’s going on with each other, but it’s like a friend coming by your house when you aren’t home.  Technology sort of blows my mind sometimes.

At any rate, things have been good an productive.  Got a new studio down on Burnside, in a area that I love.  Super close to the post office, down town, and a bunch of my favorite galleries/places to eat in PDX!  Moving the first of all my junk into it today!  Photos coming soon.

This upcoming Friday (Feb. 26th)  is the closing reception for my solo show that has been up for the month of February, at the East Bank Commerce Center, down on Water Ave in good ol’ PDX!  There will be snacks and beverages, and art!  Come on inside my soft, gooey, emotionally detached world. 🙂

February shows, Krist Krueger’s European Tour Send-off/Birthday

5 02 2010

One month of 2010 is already done, and here we are, well hello February. Tis’ a special month, indeed! Many shows are up and around, and it is the birthday month of Mr. Krist Krueger! So here is the lowdown.

Feb. 2010 Show Schedule

Feb. 5,2010, Portland, OR- Love in Print show at Bite Studios in SE Portland! Come out and see a fabulous group shows featuring:
Smitty Amabilis, D. Noelani Bangs, Carol Berryhill, Gerry Blakney, John Brandsberg, Matthew Carlson, Rosemary Cohen, Matthew Courtway, Larry Daane, Shawn Demarest, Jenn Feeney, Chris Gaslin, Aaron Gritzka, Chris Haberman, Charlene Happel, Jonathon Hill-Jacquard, Yuka Hirota, Clayton Hollifield, Penny Kavan, Kimberly Kent, Kelly McKenna, Erin Nations, Allison Pace, Jane Pagliarulo, Mark Perry, MaryAnn Puls, Keaney Rathbun, Catherine Rondthaler, Don Somppi, George Strider, Cameron Thomson, Elizabeth Walden, Amy White, Stephanie Wilken, Heidi Elise Wirz, and Linda Womack

visit for more info:

The big one, the myth, the legend: The Portland Love Show! A huge, all encompassing group show held each year in our fair city. This year’s show will house the work of…over 350 visual artists! Yes, 350. I will have one quite small piece in the show, see if you can find it!


Selected pieces of work will be up, in a one lady style exhibition at The East Bank Commerce Center. It will be up and available for looking and buying as of tomorrow. There will be a reception later in the month, stay tuned. I am really proud of this body of work, as it is all new/fine tuned pieces, that make me smile.

Last but certainly not least. Krist is going back to tour in Europe with Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band from Brooklyn.

If you happen to be in Portland, OR on Feb 16th-do come to Kelly’s Olympian in Downtown PDX. Krist will be playing a solo set along with current former members of Southerly. Fabulous stuff: The Eloi (Casey Montgumery), Protest Hill (Ryan Heise), and Creature Guts (Dan O’Hara). It is also the launch party of Krist’s new label, Self Group.
Shall be grand!