Web Flyers…wow, how neat!

22 04 2010

Web Flyer For May Show at Coeur:Art

Thanks Anna! You are a pro!


Of cupcakes and meandering stocking feet.

21 04 2010

Oh well then now! What an interesting week it has been. Preparing shows, making new friends, and the arrival of real spring in PDX has me swishing my feet and skipping now and then walking down to the studio. I just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I have a print available for purchase on Society 6’s website. It’s a newer ink illustration and it can be checked out/ purchased here for the rock bottom price of $36.50



14 04 2010

Here are a few new pieces…now I’m out.  It’s way too nice out to be on a computer!


The good, the bad, the something, something, something..

13 04 2010

First off, I hope that your day is as beautiful and exploding with spring as it is here in Portland!  New leaves, sun, rain, flowers everywhere, it’s beautiful.  Friday’s show at Rotture was amazing!  It’s always a pleasure to paint with: Beth, Matt and Hunter, and we had a great time!  People were hanging out and taking photos of us, asking questions, ect.  It’s so fun to paint live, because people get to see your process, and it’s sort of revealing for an artist.  That, and it bridges that gap between live preformance and visual art.  It’s good to see people, dancing around, acting silly, at an art show. Great times!

Gearing up for May’s huge slew of shows!  It’s exciting and perhaps a bit daunting, when this time of the month comes around. (no, not that time) When I realize that I have a couple of weeks before the show week starts, and it allows me to hermit up in the studio and really concentrate.  For my show at Coure Gallery, I am not doing a single piece on wood.  Everything is on paper, either super huge, or super tiny.  It’s a real challenge for me, since I am not used to it, but am loving the smoothness and delicate nature of the paper.

Here are some examples…and hope you all have a great day!

xox Heidi


9 04 2010

I am painting live at Rotture in SE Portland, OR tonight with: Matt Schlosky, Hunter Armstrong, and Beth Myrick. It’s going to be a great time! Playing music will be Rev. Shines (Lifesavas) and Slimkid 3 (The Pharcyde)!!!! Holy Crap!
Hope to see some of you out!

Donnie Darko Series 1

6 04 2010

Franks’s New Assignment

On Display May15-June 13th

Pink Ghost Gallery



When considering the theme of this show, my mind raced with all of the possibilities of revenge.  Poisoned coffee?  Cut brake lines?  Pubic ridicule?  I gave this topic much consideration, and while my mind was racing with visions of potatoes in exhaust systems and broken windows-one continual theme continued to return to my mind.  Whether or not people can coexist in a peaceful manner or not, life does indeed go on.  People grow and change, as if on their own paths, to learn from mistakes, and develop as humans.  The most harmful single thing that one being can do to another is to somehow alter that trajectory.  I took inspiration for this theme from the film Donnie Darko.  A young man is going through a particularly difficult adolescence who’s life is thrown into calamity of: altered realities, arson, violence and ultimately death.  In the film, the harbinger of the main character’s mental instability, hallucinations, and eventual downfall is a large rabbit character, Frank.  In my piece, revenge is being served by a re imagination of this character.  Soft, and ominous he makes his way through the snowy woods of his reality, off to wreak havoc on a singular victim of the viewer’s choice. Thank you letting me be a part of this show, and allowing me to truly ponder, what revenge would be the coldest dish indeed.


Die Alone

5 04 2010

“Every living thing on this planet dies alone.”
-from Grandma Death to Donnie Darko

Photos coming soon, series will on display at Pink Ghost in Florida, for May.