8 11 2012

This blog has been neglected for awhile now.  Lots has been going on..more to come. Let’s shred.xo

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5 10 2011

Just a week ago, it was almost 100 degrees in my studio. It was 65 all day today, the rain has returned, and the leaves are busy filling up the gutters. Fall has decended on Portland, with an immediate and swift force. The smell of BBQ, has been replaced by soup and quick breads. Time for tons of Star Trek, time in blankets, and the five pounds that come with those things. 🙂 It is also time for a living ton of art shows, and these are real winners.

This year has been truly incredible. I’ve found myself busier and more focused than ever, with shows across the US and also in Japan. The quality of work is beginning to resemble what years of labor, practice, and sheer stubbornness, have been working toward. Something, that I can honestly say that I am proud of. (Not completely satisfied of course, but proud of nonetheless) At any rate, enough gloating and more news. The following is my show schedule for the remainder of 2011, so far.

First Friday: Nirvana Cafe-Portland, OR (group show)

Second Saturday: No Bones For Halftones 2 (live printing/total art party!)

Last Thursday: Screaming Sky Gallery Sugar and Spice Show (awesome all lady show, so so excited!)

I am, therfore I think: (The group show to destroy all other group shows)

First Thurdsay: Upper Playground(more info to come on this one, but there are no words for how excited I am!!)
Second Friday: Samo Gallery..(more info, great new Portland gallery, group show with some intensely talented people!)

More will be added over the next month or so, Fall has a way of doing that..enjoy the in progress and final shots of, “Spice is Life”. I also attached a photo of the vinyl that Mr. Jonathon Hill Jaquard cut for me, he is a fabulous artist, a great organizer, and I am super excited to be working with him, NBHT!


23 09 2011

Hello all,
It seems as though all of my posts have been about, how long it has been since I posted. This is not very different. It seems insane to me that 2011 is almost over..but the days are short again. Here are some things that I have been doing, and there will be another update super soon. xoxo heidi

Its been a long time.

11 03 2011







  Wow. I haven’t posted a blog entry in so long, I am worried that the three people who read this, may have had time to bear several children.  And as the first tease of spring throws a boob flash of sun and flowers Portland’s way; the time for report is neigh.  Winter has been, as it usually is in our fair grey city, a time to hermit and work on new projects. Here are a few of them.
Your pal,

Commission finished!

17 09 2010

For Miss Laura Walch. Love you girl..thanks for the project!


9 09 2010

Another month of openings has past, and another month of getting pieces ready for shows is in full swing. The Goodfoot opening was a terrific blur of, good friends, music, jokes, and high fives. Thank you again to The Goodfoot and Jason Brown for having me. And to Klutch for being such a rad guy to show with.

First Thursday was an show that I personally thought I would never be in. The venue was the Portland Center for Performing Arts, and their hospitality, venue, staff and just everything was so amazing. The walls that our art was hung on were pieces of art themselves. Thank you to PCPA and Chris Haberman, for putting this together. Chris, you astound me with each new opportunity, show, and ambition to showcase working emerging artists in Portland. You rule homie.

Jeremy Schultz had his first show in three years on First Friday. It was held at Po Boy Gallery/Frameshop. Jeremy asked some of his friends to collaborate with him on some pieces, and I was honored to be one of people he asked. The show was a total success, Jeremy sold a good amount of work and you can too!

Thursday Thursday Thursday!!

24 08 2010

Opening at The Goodfoot w/ Klutch

It is a true honor to be showing with one of my most favorite artists. Klutch has the tightest line work, I have ever seen, and turns out intensely original pieces. He has been a huge inspiration for me in both art work and character. Come by and hang out!
Thursday August 27th..4pm-bar close! 28th and Stark SE Portland!