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24 08 2010

Opening at The Goodfoot w/ Klutch

It is a true honor to be showing with one of my most favorite artists. Klutch has the tightest line work, I have ever seen, and turns out intensely original pieces. He has been a huge inspiration for me in both art work and character. Come by and hang out!
Thursday August 27th..4pm-bar close! 28th and Stark SE Portland!


Show Preview

21 08 2010

Here is a quick preview of what you can be seeing currently flying out of my weird broken brain.

oh nevermind here are my favorites

14 08 2010

because i miss you, because i learned so much from you about: kindness, respect, art, music, brutality :), grace, truth, and everything else that is as amazing in this world as you still are in all out hearts. stay punk, heidi

early you guys.

and that i can still hear you laugh somewhere.xo


new art fresh heartbreaks

14 08 2010

Hello to the three people who read my blog. It has been a while and as usual, things have been insane. I have a bunch of shows coming up that have had me on lock down in the studio. So here are some listings about them and some new photos of new work.

Goodfoot Gallery with Kluch!!!- August 26th 4pm-barclose!

TBA show at the Portland Center for Preforming Arts
Collab show with J. Shultz and hella my friends.

The show at The Goodfoot is a benefit show (just my pieces) dedicated to the passing of one of my best friends and creative titan, Makh Daniels. His band Early Graves was involved in a tragic tour van accident which took his life. 20% of the proceeds from my art sales are going to the Makh Daniels Foundation. If you have never heard of Early Graves, Betray the Species, Clearing Autumn Skies, or the other 99 bands he was in…do your selves a favor…google that shit!